SDG7000A Series
Pulse/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • Key Features

    • Generates low jitter pulses with 1 ns minimum pulse width and 500 ps minimum edge
    • Up to 1 GHz bandwidth and White Gaussian Noise with adjustable bandwidth 


Product Overview

SIGLENT’s SDG7000A Arbitrary Waveform Generators feature up to 1 GHz bandwidth, a maximum sample rate of 5 GSa/s, and 14-bit vertical resolution. It can generate arbitrary waveforms point by point with a maximum 2.5 GSa/s sample rate and vector signals with a maximum of 500 MSa/s. It also has the ability to generate a variety of signals such as continuous wave, Pulse, Noise, PRBS patterns, and a 16-bit digital bus. The SDG7000A supports the generation of complex signals such as modulation, sweeping, bursting, and dual-channel copying/coupling/tracking and superposition. The outputs are user selectable for differential or single-ended connections and support a maximum output range of ± 24 V. The SDG7000A waveform generator can ensure a large amplitude under high-frequency which eliminates an external power amplifier in some applications and addresses a wider range of requirements.