Elettronica Veneta
Car Washing Simulator

It simulates a tunnel type car washing system.


Car Washing Simulator

Simulates a tunnel type car washing system.

The different electrical /electromechanical devices to be controlled via PLC are fixed in an aluminium frontal silk screen that reproduces the complete car washing machine.

The control devices and the pilot lamps showing the relative state of the devices that are distributed in the system lay-out are connected to Ø=4 mm safety terminals. By so doing, the user is absolutely free to select those devices to be used in his specifi c PLC program

Training Program

  • System analysis
  • Definition of the inputs/outputs of the system
  • Creating a process diagram
  • Indication of the sequential stages of the operation
  • Implementation of the logical scheme
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Implementation of a PLC program