Elettronica Veneta
Satellite Communication System

Study and test lines, antennas and transmissions used in the field of microwaves.


Satellite Communication System

Analyse and Carry out experiments in the principal aspects of microwaves and their application to communication systems:

  • Active and passive components
  • Waveguides and antennas for microwaves
  • Audio/Video/Data communication systems and Measurements on microwaves
  • Satellite transponder simulation

Training Program:

General microwave theory

  • Overview of electronic devices and passive components of the laboratory
  • Characteristics of:
    • microwave components
    • waveguide and flange
    • Horn antennas and parabolic reflector
    • reflection and polarization system
  • Oscillator
  • Gain and radiation diagram of microwave antennas
  • Link attenuation
  • Passive repeaters (mirrors)
  • Overview of electronic devices and antennas making up a satellite transponder
  • Frequency conversion: up converter and down converter
  • Audio/Video Satellite communication system with Satellite Ku band repeater simulation
  • Modulation and transmission of microwave signals
  • Reception and demodulation of microwave signals
  • Frequency conversion with local oscillator and mixer
  • Audio/Video point-to-point communication system
  • Audio/Video Satellite communication system

Supplied with Theoretical – Experimental Manual