Elettronica Veneta
Basic 3-Floor Lift

This trainer has been designed to simulate a 3-floor lift commonly used in multi-storey buildings.


Basic 3-Floor Lift

The trainer reproduces all different components and features of an actual lift, such as the opening/closing of the doors, a variable speed motor to control the movement, presence sensors at each floor, as well as alarm and emergency buttons.

The cabin is fixed on a mobile cart driven by a low voltage DC motor controlled by pulleys.

  • Call buttons are available on a panel at each floor.
  • LEDs indicate the elevator status (free/busy).
  • Switches simulate the door status (open/closed) at each floor.
  • Other LEDs located at each floor signal the current position of the cabin.
  • Each panel includes a LED to signal the possible activation of the alarm button in the cabin.

Training Program

  • System analysis
  • System I/O setup
  • Process flow diagram generation
  • Step-by-step sequence
  • Logical process flow diagram generation
  • Evaluation of potential problems
  • Program development