Traffic System (Highway)

Easy to use – High-stability Measurement

The “Handy Scale” portable truck weighing system has been favorably used by automobile-related customers in Japan and abroad. The system enables easy and stable measurement of individual wheel loads, individual axle loads, subtotals of front/rear and left/right wheel and axle loads and the total, which are indispensable for weighing trucks.



Features of Detector
●Unique aluminum integrated structure for minimal eccentric error
●Wide platform for easy measurement with Low-profile tire
●Rubber frame for easy landing
●Cable integrated to protect connector against damage due to wheel-Removal
●Diaphragm on both sides improves drip and moisture proofness

Features of Indicator
●Contrast-adjustable LCD screen imaging tire positions
●Operates on AC 100V to 240V, no switchover required. Operation on DC 12V possible with optional battery kit
●4-channel HM04E8 provides 3 display modes of “individual wheel load,” “axle load” and “%.”
8-channel HM08E9 provides 2 display modes of “wheel load” and “axle load” selectable with the cursor key.
●Car No. is input and printed with the built-in printer.
●RS-232C interface
●Functions, such as a “indicated-value stable mark” and a “acceleration-due-to-gravity compensation function”, are substantial.

Block diagrams

HS Series