KFGS series General-purpose Foil Strain Gages


A strain gage detects a minute dimensional change (Strain) as an electric signal. By measuring strain with the gage bonded to a material or structure, the strength or safety can be known. Thus, the strain gages are used in various industries including machinery, automobile, electric, civil engineering, medical, and food.



The KFGS series gages use polyimide resin for the base part that is approx. 13 μm thick. It ensures excellent flexibility. The outstanding moisture proof enables the KFGS gages to operate in outdoor measurement effectively.
Unless directly exposed to water drop, no coating treatment is required.
The metal foil of conventional foil strain gages has the electric resistance changed by receiving hydrogen effect, thereby disabling stable strain measurement.

Structure of a Foil Strain Gage
The foil strain gage has metal foil on the electric
insulator of the thin resin, and gage leads attached, as shown in Fig. 1 below. The strain gage is bonded to the measuring object with a dedicated adhesive. Strain occurring on the measuring site is transferred to the strain
sensing element via adhesive and the resin base.
For accurate measurement, the strain gage and adhesive should be compatible with the measuring material and operating conditions such as temperature, etc.