Instrumention Amplifier

  • 3 sensitivity registration modes (Actual load calibration, sensitivity-registered calibration, numerical value registered calibration)
  • Selectable 4 high/low limit patterns in memory
  • Level test with desired set-value


WGI-400A, Instrumention Amplifier

The WGI-400A is a compact Instrumentation Amplifier which has basic functions required for measurement in combination with strain gage transducers.


  • WGI-400A-00E: AC operation with no optional function
  • WGI-400A-01E: AC operation with BCD output
  • WGI-400A-02E: AC operation with RS-232C
  • WGI-400A-03E: AC operation with RS-485
  • WGI-400A-10E: DC operation with no optional function
  • WGI-400A-11E: DC operation with BCD output
  • WGI-400A-12E: DC operation with RS-232C
  • WGI-400A-13E: DC operation with RS-485

Channels: 1

Applicable Transducers: Strain-gage transducers

Compatible Bridge Resistance: 87.5 to 1000 Ω (350 Ω, 4 in parallel connection)

Bridge Excitation: 2 VDC (30 mA), 4 VDC (50 mA), switchable

Measuring Range: ±3.2 mV/V (Including zero adjustment range)

Sampling Speed: 50 times/s

Resolution: 64000 counts/input range in both polarities

Calibration Functions: Actual load calibration, sensitivity-registered calibration, numerical value registered calibration


  • ±9999
  • Character height: 14 mm, red LED
  • Speed: 50 times/s

Control Input:

Points: 4 (ZERO command, level test command, pattern command 1, pattern command 2)

Control Output

Points: 3 (HI, OK and LO)

Load Capacity: 30 VDC, 20 mA (Resistive load)

Pattern Functions: Registers 4 groups of high/low limit values and enables switching through control signals.

High/Low Limit Comparator: Points: 2 (HIGH, LOW)

Setting Range: ±9999

Comparison Speed: 50 times/s

Comparaison Function: Points: 1 (OK)

Analog Output

Outputs either voltage or current.

  • Voltage output: ±10V (Load resistance: 2 kΩ or more), arbitrary scaling possible
  • Current output: 4 to 20 mA (Load resistance: 500 Ω or less), arbitrary scaling possible

Response Speed: Approx. 0.25 s (10% to 90%)

Nonlinearity: Within ±0.1% FS

Frequency Response: 1 Hz (-3 dB ±1 dB)