Sensor Checker

  • Strain, I/O resistance or insulation resistance can be measured individually by pressing relative one key
  • Enables to output strain values
  • TEDS compliant
  • Operates on 2 pieces of AA size dry cells


WDS-500BE, Sensor Checker

The WDS-500BE is a palm-size Sensor Checker for check either a sensor or a measuring instrument. All these variables of strain, I/O resistance and insulated resistance can be measured with one key in automatic mode.


  • WDS-500BE-0, Round connector (PRC03 female)
  • WDS-500BE-1, Square connector (3RT01 female)

Applicable Instruments: Strain-gage transducers, strain amplifiers

Sampling Speed: Approx. 2 times/s

Auto Power OFF: Selectable from 1 to 99 minutes or none

Strain Measurement: 

Application Bridge Resistance: 60 to 1000 Ω

Measuring Range: ±5 mV/V (±10000 ×10-6 strain)

Bridge Excitation: Approx. 2 VDC (Selection between intermittent and continuous impression)

Measuring Modes: Strain mode: Where input strain quantity is indicated in mV/V or ×10-6 strain; zero compensation possible

I/O Resistance Measurement

Measuring Range: 0 to 2000 Ω

Indication Accuracy: ±(0.2% of readings + 5) Ω

Insulation Resistance Measurement

Measuring Range: 0 to 300 MΩ

Applied Voltage: Approx. 20 VDC

Indication Accuracy: ±(15% of reading + 10) MΩ

Strain Output

Output Range:

[mV/V] display: 0.000 to ±5.000 mV/V
(0.005 mV/Vsteps)
[×10-6 strain] display: 0 to ±10000 ×10-6 strain
(10 ×10-6 strain steps)

Output Accuracy

DC Amplifier:

[mV/V] display: Within ±(0.5% of set value +0.020)
[×10-6 strain] display: Within ±(0.5% of set value +40)

Carrier Wave Amplifier:

[mV/V] display: Within ±(5% of set value +0.020)
[×10-6 strain] display: Within ±(5% of set value +40)

I/O Resistance: Approx. 350 Ω

Automatic Measurement Functions: Enables simultaneous measurement of input strain, I/O resistance,and insulation resistance.

TEDS Information Indication Functions

Indicated Contents: Model of transducer, Kyowa original serial number, rated capacity, engineering unit,rated output, input resistance and serial number of TEDS format

WDS-500-COVER, Silicon Cover

WDS-500-COVER-B: Blue
WDS-500-COVER-R: Red
WDS-500-COVER-Y: Yellow
WDS-500-COVER-G: Green
WDS-500-COVER-D: Dark Grey
WDS-500-COVER-L: Light grey

WDS-500-CASE, Soft Case with Shoulder Strap