KFWS series
Small-sized Waterproof Foil Strain Gages

KFWB Series
Waterproof Foil Strain Gages


The KFWS series foil strain gages are small-sized waterproof gages suitable for outdoor or underwater strain measurement where gage bonding space is limited.
The waterproof resin is as thin as 1.3 mm, making them flexible enough to be bonded to a curved surface of 10 mm diameter.


When ordering, suffix the lead-wire cable code to the model number with a space in between.

KFWS-2N-120-C1-11 with a vinyl-coated flat 2-wire cable 3 m long
→ KFWS-2N-120-C1-11 L3M2R


Notes on pre-attached lead-wire cables
∙ Standard color of the 2-wire cable pre-attached to uniaxial gages is red (R).
If desired, allows a white, green, yellow or black cable to be pre-attached.
∙ Standard 3-wire cable pre-attached to uniaxial gages has red stripes (R).
If desired, allows the red stripes to be changed to blue or yellow stripes.
∙ In the case of a biaxial gage and triaxial gage, 2-wire cables are color-coded with red, white and green stripes for 0°, 90° and 45°, respectively and 3-wire cables, with red, yellow and blue stripes for 0°, 90° and 45°, respectively.
The letter code is S in common.