EDX-100A Universal Recorder

The EDX-100A is a data recorder for measuring up to 256 channels.
Various conditioner cards are available for wide applications.


EDX-100A Universal Recorder

Available with 1, 2 and 4 slots

LAN port for establishing multichannel network (Max. 256 channels)

EDX-100A-1, 1 slot, 8 channels

EDX-100A-2,  2 slots, 16 channels

EDX-100A-4, 4 slots, 32 channels

EDX-100A-1H, 1 slot, 8 channels, with handle grip

EDX-100A-2H, 2 slots, 16 channels, with handle grip

EDX-100A-4H, 4 slots, 32 channels, with handle grip

Analog Input:

  • Optional conditioner cards
  • Implement with DPM, CDV, CTA, CFV, CCA, CVM installed

CAN Data Input:

  • Accepts one card of CAN-41A

Sampling Frequency Series:

1Hz to 100kHz(1-2-5 series): for 1 channel measurement
1Hz to 10kHz(1-2-5 series): for 16 channel measurement
1Hz to 5kHz(1-2-5 series): for 32 channel measurement
1Hz to 1kHz(1-2-5 series): for CAN data measurement


RCU-41A, Remote Controle Unit

EDB-41B, Battery Unit for Instantaneous Power Failure


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