EDX-10 series
Compact Recording System

Compact & lightweight
· With stacked connection, no synchronization cable is required, therefore wiring-saving.
· Max. sampling frequency 20 k Hz for 4 channels of a single measuring unit in sync.
· Sensors are easily connected with one-touch input cables or input adapters.




EDX-10 Series Compact Recording System

Measure with Freedom

Taking the measurements you need should be easier – Kyowa meets your needs with the EDX series.
With the compact and lightweight EDX-10 series, you can measure up to 16 channels by connecting the device to your computer.

Freedom from power supplies & the fixed measurement location

Even when outdoors or separated from a fixed power source, the EDX-10 series lets you measure up to 4 units and 16 channels by supplying power from your computer’s USB port

Freedom from bulky, heavy equipment

Each compact unit has dimensions of just 84 mm x 26.6 mm x 84 mm (W/H/D) and weighs around 130 to 170 g.
It’s small enough to carry around in your bag and handy for quick measurements when you are out and about.

Freedom from annoying setups and cables

You can customize your measurement system’s configuration by simply stacking the units you need.

Measurements made simpler

  • Connect a strain gage to the recorder with just one touch
  • Connect the recorder to your computer with a USB cable
  • Start the control software and setup
  • Product configuration is simple, thus can reduce total time from setup to put away.


EDX-10B: Control Unit

EDX-15A: Strain/Voltage Measuring Unit

EDX-14A: Strain Measuring Unit

EDX-13A: Thermocouple Measuring Unit

Voltage Measuring Unit EDX-12A

EDX-11A: Strain Measuring Unit


DCS-100A: Dynamic Data Acquisition Software