Series Compact Signal Conditioner

  • 5 different kinds of conditioner units are available for the user’s measurement purpose.
  • Signals of multiple units can be output from a concentrated connector.
  • Simultaneous calibration of all channels is possible


CDV-400B, Series Compact Signal Conditioner

The CDV-400B Series is a signal conditioner system, which is portable and suitable for on-vehicle measurement. Cards for measurement of strain, acceleration, load, voltage, and frequency are available.

CDV-456B, Unit Base

Channels: 6

CDV-458B, Unit Base

Channels: 8

CDV-464B, Unit Base

Channels: 14

CV-10B, Signal Conditioner Unit


Balance Adjustment Methods: Manual balance

CV-11B, Signal Conditioner Unit

Channels: 1

LFU-10B, LPF Module

Channels: 1

CPT-11B, Potentiometer Unit

Channels: 1

CFV-11B, F/V Converter Unit

Channels: 1