K&H MS-6000
Mechatronics Training System Series

Mechatronics training systems with modular design

The system includes distributing, testing, processing, handling, assembling, and storing stations.

Each station can be operated separately or linked as a system to simulate real production processes


Mechatronics Training System

MS-6200 / MS-6500 / MS-6600 are  mechatronics training  systems with modular desing.

Each station can be operated separately or linked as a system simulate real production processes.

The system includes:

  • Distributing Station (MS-6011)

Modular design, Distributing Station is divided into several modules and each module is equipped with dedicated terminal board for wiring. It is easy to assemble and disassemble

  • Testing Station (MS-6012)

Testing Station consists of a potentiometer drive cyclinder, R-axis cylinder, lift cylinder, push cylinder, a vacuum generator and workpiece sorting sensors

  • Processing Station (MS-6013)

Processing station consists of the rotary index table, checker drive cylinder, drill feed cylinder, the drill spindle drive actuator and the clamp cylinder

  • Handling Station (MS-6014)

Handling Station consists of Z-axis cylinder, Y-axis cylinder, R-axis cylinder, and vacuum generator

  • Assembly Station (MS-6015)

Assembly station consists of the press cylinder, transfer push cylinder, and the mating parts feed cylinder.

  • Storing Station (MS-6016)

Storing Station consists of the upper and lower Z-axis cylinders, Y-axis cylinder, R-axis cylinder, gripper, the step motor and the slide base.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

There are three kinds of PLC trainers available for selection in the system for users to learn different PLC controls. It is also possible to use your own PLC

  • PLC-200 Trainer for MS-6200
    • Main unit : SIEMENS S7-200
    • Digital input : 14 points
    • Digital output : 10 points

  • PLC-220 Trainer for MS-6500
    • Main unit : SIMATIC S7-1200
    • Digital input : 14 points
    • Digital output : 10 points
    • Analog input : 2 points

  • PLC-310 Trainer for MS-6600
    • Main unit : MITSUBISHI FX -32MT 3UC
    • Digital input : 16 points
    • Digital output : 16 points
    • USB-422 cable