K&H KL-910
Advanced Communication System

Modular trainer with various advanced communication experiments, including digital encoding / decoding, modulation /demodulation and related multiplexing techniques.


Advanced Communication System

It’s developed for bridging the gap between the theory and the practice of the modern communication system


  • Essential theories and techniques in modern communication system including digital encoding/decoding techniques, various digital serial ports, DTMF signal system, ASK/FSK/QPSK/TDM/PAM/FDM modulation/demodulation and filters…etc.
  • KL-910 offers users not only the comprehensive experiments of advanced communication system but also various peripherals including analog/digital function generator, frequency meter, and V-F converter…etc.
  • All of the experiments are carried out appropriately with the help of oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and logic analyzer.

List of Experiments:

  1. Main Unit (KL-96001)
    1. Signal measurement and experiment
    2. Signal modulating experiment
    3. Voltage to frequency converter
    4. Frequency and period measuring experiment
  2. Clock / Data & Noise Generator (KL-96002)
    1. Measurement of clock generator
    2. Measurement experiment for synchronous data clock
    3. Detection of the data sequence output
    4. Measurement experiment of single-to-dual parallel output
    5. Measurement experiment for digital random number generator and analog noise generator
    6. Experiment of 3-bit unipolar to bipolar conversion
  3. Line-Code Encoder & Decoder (KL-96003)
    1. Experiment with serial data sequence
    2. NRZ-L/BIP (None return to zero) encoding
    3. NRZ-M/BIP (None return to zero mark) encoding
    4. UNI-RZ/UNI (Unipolar return to zero) encoding
    5. BIP-RZ/3L (3 Level) encoding
    6. RZ-AMI/3L encoding
    7. BiΦ-L / 3L (Manchester) encoding
    8. DICODE-NRZ (3L) encoding
    9. NRZ-L/BIP decoding
    10. NRZ-M/BIP decoding
    11. UNI-RZ/UNI decoding
    12. BIP-RZ/3L decoding
    13. RZ-AMI/3L decoding
    14. BiΦ L/3L(Manchester) decoding
    15. DICODE-NRZ (3L) decoding
  4. Delta / Sigma / Adaptive Modulation & Demodulation (KL-6004)
    1. Experiment of delta modulation
    2. Experiment on the LPF of delta modulator
    3. Experiment of delta demodulation
    4. Adaptive-delta modulation & demodulation circuits
    5. Experiment on controlling voltage amplitude of integrator of adaptive-delta modulator/demodulator
    6. Experiment on controlling voltage amplitude of integrator of VGA adaptive-delta modulator/demodulator
    7. Experiment on delta-sigma modulation circuit
  5. QPSK Modulation & QPSK Demodulation (KL-96005)
    1. Experiment on nPSK modulation sinusoidal signal source & synchronization data source
    2. Experiment on sinusoidal signal measurement with phase shift circuit
    3. Experiment on quadrature phase splitter
    4. Experiment on BPSK analog signal modulation
    5. Experiment on BPSK demodulation
    6. Experiment on synchronization of BPSK demodulation signal with SIN TTL and carrier signal restoring
    7. Experiment on QPSK modulation
    8. Experiment on 8PSK modulation
    9. Experiment on 8QAM modulation
    10. Experiment on QPSK demodulation with signal sampling identification
  6. DTMF Generator & Decoder / Controller (KL-96006)
    1. Keypad scanning & dialing experiments of DTMF
    2. Storage and dialing of phone number on DTMF system
    3. Demodulation experiment using internal DTMF signal
    4. Password setting & decoding experiment using internal DTMF
    5. Password setting & decoding experiment using external phone-line DTMF
    6. DTMF control experiment using UART
  7. Multi-Function Process Module (A) (KL-96007)/ Multi-Function Process Module (B) (KL-96008)
    1. Experiment with VCO and LPF
    2. Experiment on LPF frequency response
    3. Experiment of transforming Square waveform into sinusoidal waveform using LPF
    4. Experiment on triple-state analog multiplexer and TDM
    5. Experiment on four-channel analog multiplexer with level shift configuration
    6. Experiment on AM and double-side-band modulation
    7. Experiment on SSB (Single-side-band) AM modulation
    8. Experiment on AM Demodulation
    9. The generation of accurate 45-degree phase shift
    10. Experiment on BPSK and QPSK modulations
    11. Experiment on BPSK demodulation
    12. Level comparator
    13. Experiment on Power amplifier
    14. Experiment on ASK modulation
    15. Experiment on ASK demodulation
    16. Experiment on FSK modulation
    17. Experiment on FSK modulation using VCO
    18. Experiment on the Built-in FSK modulation function of function generator
    19. Experiment on FSK modulation using digital VCO
    20. Experiment on the conversion from FSK to ASK
    21. Experiment on FSK demodulation by Multiplying by f1 or f2
    22. Experiment on FM modulation
    23. Experiment on FM demodulation
    24. Experiment on digital difference encoding
    25. Experiment on digital difference decoding
    26. Experiment on DBPSK modulation
    27. Experiment on DQPSK modulation
  8. Time-Division Multiplexing(TDM)/Pulse-Amplitude Modulation(PAM)(KL-93006)
    1. Analog-multiplexer modulating experiment
    2. Analog-multiplexer demodulating experiment
    3. Analog-multiplexing TDM modulating experiment
    4. Analog-multiplexing TDM demodulating experiment
  9. Frequency Division Multiplexing (KL-93007)
    1. FDM multiplexer experiment
    2. BPF characteristics of FDM demultiplexer
    3. 3-channel FDM demultiplexer experiment
  10. Frequency Converter, Carrier Frequency Recovery and
    Manchester Clock Regeneration (KL-93008)

    1. Frequency-up and frequency-down experiments
    2. Carrier frequency recovery experiment
    3. Manchester encoder / decoder and clock regeneration experiment