K&H KL-900B
Analog Communication System

Analog Communication System discloses the inner structure of a 144MHz VHF band walkie-talkie.

The circuitry of the walkietalkie is shown in blocks :

  • Receiver block,
  • Transmitter block,
  • Audio amplifier block,
  • Microphone amplifier block.


Analog Communication System

KL-900B  System discloses the secret of the walky-talky based on the 144MHz VHF band.

The circuitry of walkytalky is shown as blocks :

  • Receiver block,
  • Transmitter block,
  • Audio amplifier block
  • Microphone amplifier block.

Block diagrams are printed clearly on the panel of the module, giving students a comprehensive view of how walky-talky works.

The Radio Spectrum:


  • 144MHz VHF FM transceiver trainer
  • 2 modules construct the inner structure of the walky-talky, and cover more than 9 fully documented experiments.
  • Experiment and instructor’s manual are included.

List of Experiments:

  1. Introduction to Analog Communication System
  2. Microphone Amplifiers
  3. Phase-Locked Loops
  4. Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
  5. RF Power Amplifiers
  6. RF Amplifiers
  7. Mixers and IF Amplifiers
  8. FM Demodulators
  9. Audio Amplifiers