K&H KL-100
Linear Circuit Lab (1) – Electric Circuits Lab

Linear Circuit Lab (1) – Electric Circuits Lab + Simulation is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for tuition and experimentation with electric circuits

All the necessary equipment for electric circuit experiments are installed on the main unit


Linear Circuit Lab (1) – Electric Circuits Lab

Ideal for electric circuit experiments and design exercises.
Integrated trainer with the complete curriculum.
Equipped with power supplies and test systems for easy and efficient experimentation.
Universal breadboard (1680 tie points) for circuit desing and prototyping

  • 11 modules, each module is equipped with an 8-bit DIP switch for circuits fault simulations.
  • Students can practice trouble shooting by setting the DIP switch to different positions.
  • Detailed solution for fault simulation is included in the instructor’s manual.
  • Comprehensive and complet experiment manual and instructor’s manual

Experiment Modules

Basic Electricity

  • DC voltage measurement
  • Using an ohmmeter
  • Resistor characteristics
  • DC current measurement
  • Ohm’s law…

Basic Electronic Circuits

  • Diode characteristics
  • Rectifier circuit
  • Filter circuit
  • Zener diode characteristics
  • LED characteristics…

Simple Electronic Circuits

  • Simple amplifier
  • Complementary amplifier
  • Voltage regulator
  • Push-pull amplifier
  • Wheatstone bridge…


  • Magnetic devices
  • Magnetic field
  • Drawing magnetic curves
  • Magnetic field strength
  • Lenz’s and Faraday’s laws…

Industrial Control Applications

  • CDS characteristics
  • Light-controlled circuit
  • Thermistor characteristics
  • Temperature-controlled circuit
  • Sound controlled circuit…

Oscillator Characteristics and Applications

  • Blocking oscillator
  • Electronic birdcall circuit
  • Astable multivibrator
  • LED flasher circuit
  • LC resonant circuit…

Built-in circuit simulation of experiment modules
Fault simulation is allowed

Users can flexibly compare the simulation analysis result to hardware signal output
Support virtual instrument