K&H IOT-100
Innovative IoT Experiment Platform

Module-based solution to IoT experiment systems. It is constructed by various communication node boards, sensor modules, wireless integrated gateway, and open-source applications


IOT-100 Innovative IoT Experiment Platform

With the most popular wireless protocols and sensors

WiFi / Bluetooth / ZigBee / EnOcean and 19 sensors with complete tutorial

Users can select one (or more) wireless sensing technology and transmit data to wireless integrated gateway via MQTT protocol for observation and control

The Simplified Learning Topology

IoT Control Technology

IAR Embedded Workbench is a software that offers development tools for embedded systems

IOT-100 Integrates ITS-200 IPv6 Experimental Equipment

In order to allow users to know more about IoT network technology and communication protocols, IOT-100 integrates ITS-200 IPv6 experimental equipment for users to construct and simulate Internet or Intranet environment via ITS-200 router devices to achieve information transmission in IoT.

Experiment List

  • Network Chip

  • Integrated Experiment
  1. IPv6 Host – Client
    1. Exp 1: Configuration settings
    2. Exp 2: IPv6 Packet sniffer
  2. IPv6 Host – Server
    1. Exp 1: IPv6 DHCP
    2. Exp 2: IPv6 DNS
    3. Exp 3: IPv6 Web service
    4. Exp 4: IPv6 Mail service
    5. Exp 5: IPv6 FTP service
  3. IPv6 Router
    1. Exp 1: Static routing
    2. Exp 2: Dynamic routing (RIPng)
    3. Exp 3: Dynamic routing (OSPFv3)
  4. IPv6 Integration experiments:
    1. Exp 1: Network topology
    2. Exp 2: Network segment and IP address
    3. Exp 3: Routing rule
    4. Exp 4: Observes HTTP Packet
    5. Exp 5: Observes remote packets via ITS-201
  5. IOT-100 + IPv6 Integration experiments:
    1. Exp 1: Integrates network topology
    2. Exp 2: IPv4 and IPv6 Network settings
    3. Exp 3: IOT-100 Configuration setting
    4. Exp 4: IOT-100 + IPv6 Integrated demonstration
    5. Exp 5: IOT-100 Packet sniffer