K&H ide@Lab-200
Intelligent Digitize Emulated Achievement Lab

Experimental Modules contain versatile electronic based topics for students to implement, including basic electricity, electronic circuits and digital logic circuits


Intelligent Digitize Emulated Achievement Lab

A digitized-based training system, which utilizes integrated Hardware Platform, Experimental Modules and Software Platform to help students to learn various electronic subjects.

Hardware Platform

Includes digital storage oscilloscope, logic analyzer, frequency synthesis signal generator, digital multimeters and so on.

Extension Unit

A series of experiment modules is designed for different subjects.

Two-Way Operation

The operating modes of hardware experiment platform includes a touch-panel manual control mode and a PC control mode via USB interface

Thematic Learning

  • Basic Electricity
    • Basic Device Module
    • Basic Electricity Experiment Module
    • Magnetism Element Introduction Module
    • Introduction Module
    • Magnetic Field Module
    • Ampere’s Rule Module
    • Fleming’s Rule Module
    • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Electronic Circuits
    • Diode, Clipper & Clamper Module
    • Rectifier, Differential & Integral Circuit Module
    • Transistor Amplifier Circuit Module
    • Multi-Stage Amplifier Circuit Module
    • FET Circuit Experiment Module
    • OP Amplifier Circuit Module
  • Digital Logic Circuits
    • Combinational Logic Circuit Experiment Module
    • Sequential Logic Circuit Experiment Module

The Most Useful Tool

DF-600 Differential Active Probe

DF-600 Differential Active Probe is a high input impedance and low input capacitance probe that is compatible with any 50Ω input oscilloscope and provides two kinds of Differential and Single-Ended measurement mode.