K&H AT-12001
Cockpit Instrumentation Trainer


Cockpit Instrumentation Trainer

The trainer provides hands-on training for the students to get a good understanding of the operating principles of probes, sensors, pressure and electronic display system.

The Cockpit Instrumentation Trainer which includes the fault simulation, for allowing the instructor to insert a selected fault or simulate faults, helps students to identify the fault and troubleshoot the problem

The transparent rear cover of the flight instrument panel enables users to observe the wiring and tube connection of the flight instruments

The cockpit instrumentation trainer will consist of the following units :

  • Flight instrument panel
    • Multi-Function Display
    • Three degree of freedom control by yoke
      • Pitch
      • Roll
      • Yaw
    • Basic six instruments
      • Turn coordinator (for electrical drive)
      • Directional gyro
      • Attitude indicator
      • Airspeed indicator
      • Altimeter
      • Vertical speed indicator
    • Protection of power distribution (circuit breakers)
    • Reference instrument – compass
  • Pitot-Static System
    • Digital pressure indicator
    • Control valve
    • Pitot tube
    • Static port
  • Engine Sensing System
      • Actual mode – aircraft parts
      • Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) thermocouple
      • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) thermocouple
      • Outside Air Temperature (OAT) sensor
      • Fuel pressure sensor
      • Oil pressure sensor
      • Oil temperature sensor
      • Fuel quantity sensor
    • Simulation mode
    • Throttle control set
    • Warning light
    • Warning sound
  • Fault simulation panel