K&H AT-11007
Avionics Trainer

The Avionics Trainer is available for performing complete functional simulation of a standard aircraft avionics system. Complete, real and modern aircraft cockpit instruments.


Avonics Trainer

Can be used for providing hands-on training for the students to attain a good understanding of the operating principles of various instruments.


  • Includes a complete, real and modern aircraft cockpit instruments.
  • Student could experience the exact operation of aircraft cockpit instruments via the external ramp testers.
  • The Avionics Trainer comes with Fault Simulation Panel for conduct of training on troubleshooting. Panel allows the simulation of faults for enhanced learning


The Avionics Trainer will consist of the following:

  1. Intercom device
  2. Audio control panel
  3. Standard transceiver of navigation and communication system
    1. Communication transceiver
    2. Navigation(VOR/LOC) receiver
    3. Glideslope receiver
  4. GPS Navigation System
  5. Automatic Direction Finder, ADF
  6. Distance Measuring Equipment, DME
  7. Transponder
  8. ILS Indicator
  9. VOR/GPS Indicator
  10. ADF Indicator
  11. Antenna Group
    1. VOR/Glideslope
    2. Communication
    3. Marker Beacon
    4. GPS
    5. ADF
    6. DME
    7. Transponder
  12. Map Display
  13. Audio output (speaker or headphone)
  14. Intercommunication system between pilot and co-pilot
  15. Provide the test and measurement equipment
  16. Fault simulation panel

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