ImageIR 7300

High-end Thermography Camera – Entry into the VGA Segment

The ImageIR® series is based on a modular concept and allows for successive upgrading and changes of powerful components like motorized lenses or a high-speed shutter. Already in its basic configuration it can be delivered with different detectors which support your application the best way. Like this you will always remain flexible and optimally adapt your camera systems to your respective needs.

The cooled infrared camera with the high resolution

  • Detection of smallest details with detector of (640 × 512) infrared pixels
  • High thermal resolution better than 20 mK for precision measurements
  • Separatable configuration of aperture and filter wheel for highest flexibility
  • Integratable motorized controllable filter wheel for spectral thermography with up to four special filters


Those, who are looking for a powerful thermographic cam[1]era to solve demanding measurement and testing tasks in the fields of industry and science, that offers an impressive geomet[1]rical resolution will find the ImageIR® 7300 a perfect match. Its cooled focal-plane array photon detector (snapshot) provides (640×512) IR pixels and a pitch of 15 μm. In addition, you can choose between MCT and InSb detectors.

The camera supports fast storing frame rates with frequencies up to 1,200Hz. An internal trigger interface guarantees for precise, repeatable triggering of correspondingly fast processes. Two re[1]spective inputs and outputs are used to control the camera or to generate digital control signals for external devices. Depending on the character of the measurement and testing situation due to its modular design, most diverse thermographic software and high-quality lenses the ImageIR® 7300 is quite easy to adapt to the on-site conditions

Avoid Meas­ure­ment Errors Using Highest
Geomet­rical Resol­u­tion of (640 × 512) Infrared Pixels

Compared with digital camera systems operating in the visible spectrum thermographic detector technologies still suffer from lower pixel numbers. Therefore every pixel counts as in former times of digital photography. This ImageIR® infrared camera series offers you (640 × 512) IR pixels of the high-resolution detector.

Easily Transfer Your Radiometric Data to the Computer

You will be able to work with both radiation proportional data formats and also directly with temperature data in °C or °F. You will receive the data by setting your specific parameters  in the easy handling acquisition interface of the ImageIR® series at a frame rate of up to 2.5 kHz.

Tech­nical Specific­a­tions of ImageIR® 7300 Series

Spectral range MCT: (1.5 … 5.5) µm; InSb: (1.5 … 5.7) µm
Pitch 15 µm
Detector MCT or InSb
Detector format (IR pixels) (640 × 512)
Readout mode ITR / IWR
Aperture f/3.0 or f/2.0
Detector cooling Stirling cooler
Temperature measuring range (-40 … 300) °C
Measurement accuracy ± 2 °C or ± 2 %
Temperature resolution @ 30 °C MCT: Better than 0.02 K; InSb: Better than 0.025 K
Frame rate MCT: Up to 75/300/1,200 Hz; InSb: Up to 100/326/863 Hz
Window mode Yes* (full frame / sub frame)
Focus Manual
Dynamic range 14 bit
Integration time (1 … 20,000) µs
Rotating aperture wheel Up to 5 positions
Rotating filter wheel Up to 6 positions
Interfaces GigE | HDMI*
Trigger 2 IN / 1 OUT, TTL
Analog signals*, IRIG-B* 2 IN / 2 OUT, no
Tripod adapter 1/4″ and 3/8″ photo thread, 2 × M5
Power supply 24 V DC, wide-range power supply (100 … 240) V AC
Storage and operation temperature (-40 … 70) °C, (-20 … 50) °C
Protection degree IP54, IEC 60529
Impact strength/vibration resistance in operation 2 G DIN EN 60068-2-6, 25 G DIN EN 60086-2-27
Dimensions; weight MCT:(241 x 120 x 160) mm*; InSb: (235 x 120 x 160) mm*; 3.3 kg (without lens)
Analysis and evaluation software* IRBIS® 3, IRBIS® 3 view, IRBIS® 3 plus*, IRBIS® 3 professional*, IRBIS® 3 control*, IRBIS® 3 online*, IRBIS® 3 process*, IRBIS® 3 active*, IRBIS® 3 mosaic*, IRBIS® 3 vision*
Depending on model