ImageIR 5300

High-speed Thermography Camera with Large Pitch

The ImageIR® 5300 has been designed specifically for capturing and recording extremely fast running thermal processes. The MWIR focal-plane array photon detector in the format of (320 × 256) IR pixels allows users to capture thermal images in full frame at frequencies up to 481Hz. When using the sub frame mode, the value even increases to 105,000Hz.

The fast stationary infrared camera for precise and spectral thermography

  • Calibration of various calibration curves for most precise temperature measurement
  • Motorised controllable filter wheel for spectral thermography with up to four special filters included
  • Snapshot detector for precise image acquisition at frame rate of up to 25 kHz
  • High repeatability due to reliable thermal decoupling of lens and electronics module


Make Use of Spec­tral Filters for Material Specific Meas­ure­ments

Material specific emissivity and transmissivity properties have to be taken into account while measuring with infrared camera systems. The integration of spectral filters makes use of those specifics for special measurements. For example, spectral ranges of thin PE foils can be excluded in case they are highly transmissive – to say transparent. Like this only the radiation will be measured which is purely emitted by the foil itself. Based on its long experience in thermography InfraTec can support you in selecting the right spectral filter. The infrared camera systems of the ImageIR® series can integrate a remotely controllable filter wheel which can hold up to four spectral filters. The filter position close to the detector can avoid warm aperture effects and allows for the usage of smaller and thereby cheaper filters in the infrared camera.


Extend Your Temper­ature Meas­ure­ment Range with an Auto­matic Aper­ture Setting

The temperature measurement range of the ImageIR® infrared camera series can be widened by an integrated aperture wheel. The motorized aperture wheel can be controlled by the camera control itself. Working with calibrated measurement ranges the appropriate aperture will even be automatically set in the infrared camera. When filter and aperture wheels are separately integrated ImageIR® camera series will be especially flexible in handling specific measurement situations.


Detect Smal­lest Temper­ature Differ­ences Using High Thermal Resol­u­tion of 20 mK

The thermal resolution of the ImageIR® infrared camera series allows you to measure smallest temperature differences of (at 30 °C). Thermal images with a narrow temperature span display details absolutely sharp. You will find interesting signatures even there where other infrared camera systems cannot detect any temperature differences any longer.

Tech­nical Specific­a­tions of ImageIR® 5300 Series

Spectral range (3.7 … 4.8) µm
Pitch 30 µm
Detector MCT
Detector format (IR pixels) (320 × 256)
Readout mode ITR
Aperture f/2.0
Detector cooling Stirling cooler
Temperature measuring range (-40 … 1,200) °C, up to 3,000 °C*
Measurement accuracy ± 1 °C or ± 1 %
Temperature resolution @ 30 °C Up to 0.015 K
Frame rate Up to 481 / 1,906 / 7,229 / 105,000 Hz
Window mode Yes
Focus Manual, motorised or automatically*
Dynamic range Up to 16 bit*
Integration time (1 … 20,000) µs
Rotating aperture wheel * Up to 5 positions
Rotating filter wheel * Up to 5 positions
Interfaces GigE | HDMI*
Trigger 4 IN / 2 OUT, TTL
Analog signals*, IRIG-B* 2 IN / 2 OUT, yes
Tripod adapter 1/4″ and 3/8″ photo thread, 2 × M5
Power supply 24 V DC, wide-range power supply (100 … 240) V AC
Storage and operation temperature (-40 … 70) °C, (-20 … 50) °C
Protection degree IP54, IEC 60529
Impact strength/vibration resistance in operation 2 G DIN EN 60068-2-6, 25 G DIN EN 60086-2-27
Dimensions; weight (241 × 120 × 160) mm*; 3.3 kg (without lens)
Further functions Multi Integration Time*
Analysis and evaluation software* IRBIS® 3, IRBIS® 3 view, IRBIS® 3 rotate, IRBIS® 3 plus*, IRBIS® 3 professional*, IRBIS® 3 control*, IRBIS® 3 online*, IRBIS® 3 process*, IRBIS® 3 active*, IRBIS® 3 mosaic*, IRBIS® 3 vision*
Depending on model