GUIDE Infrared
PT850 1024×768

HD High-Performance Thermal Camera

Guide PT Series is the world’s first portable thermal camera with MP-level Infrared Resolution. Equipped with the self-developed 1024×768 IR detector, this camera has the A/M-Focus manual and auto focusing system to provide much more crisp images. Advanced hardware, software and exceptional experience ensure it is the flagship in this industry.



The World’s First Portable Thermal Camera with MP-level Infrared Resolution

Specially designed for professional users in the infrared thermometry industry, this product is equipped with infrared detectors with high sensitivity and higher resolution for clearer infrared images and a higher temperature measurement accuracy. Supplemented by the Android operating system, a large-screen display and a rotatable lens structure, it is easy to use and powerful. It can also collect visible and infrared images simultaneously and display key observation points by PIP or MIF. In addition, based on open APPs for Android, this product can be extended to a multipurpose mobile thermal imaging application platform.