GUIDE Infrared

Pocket-sized Thermal Camera

P120V Pocket-sized Thermal Camera designed for electrical equipment maintenance and building inspection, which can fast detect the potential problems, report repair data and share images by Wi-Fi. It is a truly handy thermal camera that fits in your pockets for fast and accurate thermal inspections anytime. P120V featured with 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen for simple operation, and support picture-in-picture, smooth zoom, max and min temperature alarm, Cloud Service and more.

  • 120x90IR resolution
  • -20℃~400℃Measurement Range
  • 15HzFrame Rate
  • IP54Encapsulation


Reasonable Layout and Good Ergonomic Design

No interfere between lens area and grip area

Pocket Size Touch Screen IP54 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 0

Easy Operation:

3.5” Touchscreen Display

High-brightness LCD, 320 x 240 pixels

Smooth zoom, up to 8X

By sliding on the touchscreen, easy to zoom and observe the details of the image.

Android Platform, Intelligent Operation

User-friendly design based on Android system, which is as simple as using a smartphone.

Pocket Size Touch Screen IP54 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 1

1. Tripod mount interface

2. USB Type-c Interface

Support charging by mobile power

Support operating while charging

3. Shortcut Button for Level-span

Support switching among auto level-span, Semi-auto level-span, and manual level-span.


Pocket Size Touch Screen IP54 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 2

-20-400℃ wide measurement range

Auto switching between-20℃-150℃ and 150℃-400℃,

Powerful Max & Min temperature tracking and alarm functions

Fully radiometric measurement, full screen or target area max & min temp tracking, and full screen max & min temp alarm.


Pocket Size Touch Screen IP54 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 3

MIF Image Enhancement, Picture-in-picture

Guide’s exclusive MIF multispectral image fusion patent technology supports the fusion of visible image details on thermal image, which will improve comfort of viewing and efficiency.

Picture-in-picture function for better image comparison of thermal image and visible image.

Pocket Size Touch Screen IP54 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 4


Wi-Fi connectivity , support Cloud Service

Wi-Fi connectivity enabled for remote control and instant sharing. And GUIDE T120V thermal camera support Cloud Album, you can back up the images to the Cloud in real-time.

About the Cloud Service

When you are in severe environment and cannot find and report faults in a timely and effective manner, or need more professional engineers to help you analyze the problem, you can upload the captured pictures to the cloud server anytime and anywhere. Other engineers will log in and download images for analysis and feedback.

Pocket Size Touch Screen IP54 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 5


Applications for GUIDE P120V Pocket-sized Thermal Camera


Building Diagnostics

HVAC Inspection

Electrical Facility Inspection

Mechanical Inspection



Specification for GUIDE P120V Pocket-sized Thermal Camera


Model P120V
IR image & Optical
IR Resolution 120×90 @17μm
Detector type VOx/7.5~14μm
Frame Rate 15 HZ
Thermal Sensitivity / NETD 60 mk
Focal Length 2.28mm/F1.13
Field of view(FOV) 50°×38°
Spatial Resolution(IFOV) 7.6mrad
Focus Focus-free
Visible Camera
Visible Camera Resolution 640×480
Focal length Focal length 0.5-3m,focus free,FOV 68°×52°
Flashlight Yes(on/off/flash)
Image Display
Display 3.5″ LCD touchscreen display
Display Resolution 320×240
Image modes IR, Visible, Picture-in-Picture, MIF
Color Palettes 6:Hot Iron, Black Heat, Heat Iron, White Heat, Medical, Arctic
Digital zoom Smooth zoon, up to 8X
Temperature Measurement
Measurement Range -20℃-150℃,100℃-400℃(Auto switching)
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2%, whichever is greater
( target temp ≥0℃, ambient temp is 15℃ ~ 30℃ )
Measurement Spot Center spot,and can add one removable measurement spot
Measurement Area Can add one removable area measurment box
Auto Max & Min Temp Tracking Full screen auto max & min temp. tracking
Analysis target (area) max & min temp. tracking
Full Screen Max & Min Temp. Alarm Yes
Image Storage
Storage Media 4G Internal memory,at least 500 sets of images
IR Image Format Full Radiometric (JPG)
Visible Image Yes
Connections & Communications
USB Type-C, for image data transmission with PC
WIFI Yes, Wi-Fi enabled for data transmission
Mobile APP Yes,and support Cloud Service
PC IR Analysis Software Yes
Power system
Battery Tpye Built-in rechargeable li-thium battery, non- removable
Battery Operating Time ≥2 hours(when wifi-off)
Charging Time ≤1.5 hours
Environmental parameters
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Encapsulation IP54, 1-meter drop test
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Weight 240g
Size 133.05*87.31*24.1mm
Standard Accessories Wristband, Charger, USB Cable, Carrying Bag, Quick Start Guide