Elettronica Veneta
Process Control Multivariable System

4 Process Controls in just 1 Trainer:

  • Flow
  • Level
  • Temperature
  • Pressure



Process Control Multivariable System

The system has been developed to cover the following educational subjects included in an intense theoretical-practical training program, as follows:

  • Study of the Sensors and Relative Signal Conditioners Circuits
    for the process variables:

    • Flow
    • Level
    • Temperature
    • Pressure.
  • Study of the closed ring process control techniques. Study of the different process control ways:
    • PID control with PLC,
    • with Industrial PID controller,
    • with PC data acquisition card
    • with datalogger.

Training Program:

The system allows the theoretical analysis and the experiments on the following subjects:

  • Detection of the characteristic curve of the transducers and the signal conditioning circuits for the temperature, flow, level and pressure sensors.
  • Detection of the time constants of the processes.
  • Analysis of the closed ring automatic control for flow, level, temperature and pressure:
    • ON/OFF control mode and Proportional (P),
    • Proportional Integral (PI),
    • Proportional Derivative (PD)
    • Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control mode.
  • Analysis of the variables curves through the PID algorithm in the PLC, in the industrial PID controller (with autotuning function) and acquisition/control card for PC with dedicated software (supplied).