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Robot Station With Artifial Vision System


Robot Station With Artifial Vision System

The robot station is an innovative training equipment in the field of robotics with artificial vision systems.

The station simulates a robotic workcell consisting of:

  • 6-axis industrial robot equipped with a electrical or pneumatic gripper
  • Artificial vision systemà
  • Conveyor belt
  • Rotating table simulating a warehouse
  • 5 pieces with different geometric shape
  • Piece stack holder
  • Control and interface units

A typical working cycle consist of the following steps:

  1. The pieces are introduced by the operator inside the station from the entrance chute and are transported by the conveyor belt under the viewing area.
  2. The pieces are identified by a vision sensor which communicates to the robot their picking X-Y coordinates and the corresponding rotation angle.
  3. According to the data received, the robot picks the piece up and deposits it on the simulated warehouse as programmed.
  4. In addition, the user can operate the robot station manually (in real time using the teaching box) or in automatic mode (running a preloaded or customized program).
  5. The station includes some preloaded programs to operate in different modes such as storing from/to the rotary table, building a stack of pieces or identifying a piece using the artificial vision system.

Training Program:

  • Structure of a six-axis robot
  • Robot operation analysis
  • Movement technique analysis
  • Control software analysis with specific emphasis on:
    • Movement algorithms
    • Self learning
  • Industrial robot applications
  • Artificial vision
  • Calibration
  • Movement resolution
  • Load capacity, speed
  • Safety
  • Programming the controller
  • Using the teach box

Supplied With Theretical – Experimental Handbook – Application Guide