Elettronica Veneta
Hydraulic Ram

The equipment has been designed to study the characteristics of the effect of the water hammer


Hydraulic Ram

This equipment enables to study the effect of the water hammer inside pipes; this occurs when flowing water is suddenly brought to rest inside the pipes. This phenomenon is used to pump water from a lower tank to an upper one.

The equipment includes two tanks at different height connected to a long tube where the hydraulic ram is mounted. This pump consists of a pulse valve and of a non-return valve. An air vessel above the valve chamber soothes cyclic fluctuations due to the ram pump.

The lower tank is fed by the hydraulics bench, whereas the water flows from the upper tank back to the hydraulics bench. Some weights are supplied so that they can be applied to the pulse valves in order to change the closing pressure and therefore the operating features.

Training Program

  • Establishing flow/pressure characteristics and determining efficiency of the hydraulic ram

Supplied with Theoretical – Experiement Handbook


Spreadsheet Software for Fluid Mechanics Equipment (SW-HB15/EV)


Hydraulic Bench (HB/EV or HB-E/EV) or water supply (@2 bar) and drain