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Brewing Pilot Plant

Brewing Pilot Plant is designed to make craft beer with the traditional method.

The process enables to personalize the end product in every part of its: different raw materials can be used, they can be brewed in most various combinations.


Brewing Pilot Plant

This plant is designed to make craft beer with the traditional method consisting in cooking mashed malt, filtering the resulting must by special equipment and adding some hop during the final boiling phase. Then adding yeast will start the fermentation process.

Brewing phases can be summarized as follows:

  • Grinding: this phase consists in grinding malt; this operation is necessary to prepare the product for the next boiling phase.
  • Cooking: it consists in boiling the mashed malt in water and mixing constantly with an agitator.
  • Filtering: must is filtered in two different phases developing differently. The first filtering phase separates stillage from the liquid part in a basket of stainless steel, immediately after cooking malt. Then the second whirlpool phase is carried out after boiling malt and adding hop. The whirlpool developed inside the vat makes the residues still available in must, settle on bottom central part. Then the product that can be drawn from the side of the vat is already filtered and clean.
  • Fermentation: it is the biological transformation of sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide, provoked by the metabolismof yeast.
  • Maturation: at the end of this process, must reaches a more or less stable balance of all its components. A lot of enzymes brought by yeast are still active in this phase, thus enabling to complete what already done by fermentation.
  • Packaging: it consists in filling bottles and barrels with beer.