Elettronica Veneta
Antenna Measuring System

Analyze and Characterize single Antennas and Arrays, starting from the UHF band up until microwaves


Antenna Measuring System

With the ANTENNA MEASURING SYSTEM, learners can analyze and characterize single antennas and arrays, starting from the UHF band up until microwaves, through simple yet effective experiments:

  • Impedance matching: RL and SWR
  • Radiation: antenna gain, 2D/3D radiation diagrams and planes of polarization
  • Antenna Arrays

Complete system composed of:

  • 1 Transmitter, including:
    • PLL dual-band synthesized RF generator (1GHz and 10GHz)
    • Support for reference antenna
  • 1 Receiver, including:
    • Synthesized PLL RF reception system
    • Motorized rotating support for D.U.T (Device Under Test)
    • Data acquisition system, that both acquires the RF signal and controls the motorized system
    • USB port to connect the system to a supervising PC
  • Several types of antenna for 1 GHz and 10 GHz bands
  • 1 Directional coupler to measure the Return Loss
  • 1 supervision and control software, to configure and control the system. It enables to analyze the received data and represent them graphically on a PC screen

Training Program

  • Analysis and operation of antennas
  • Characteristics of antennas:
    • Antenna gain
    • Directivity and beamwidth
    • Polar radiation diagram
    • EM wave polarization: Linear (H/V) and Circular (RHCP, LHCP)
    • Impedance matching
    • Antenna arrays: use of combiners
  • Units of measurement:
    • dB, dBm, RL, VSWR
  • Measurements in 1 GHz and 10 GHz band:
    • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
    • Noise Floor analysis
    • Received signal level vs Frequency
    • Antenna gain vs Frequency
    • Antenna gain vs Angle
    • 2D and 3D polar diagram
  • Assembly and mechanical installation of single antennas and arrays

  • Alignment of transmitting and receiving antennas
  • Measurement of the antenna gain by comparison, using path attenuation
  • Software setup:
    • Transmitter and Receiver calibration with distance setting
    • Reference antennas calibration
    • Directional coupler calibration
  • Antennas:
    • Single antennas: directional and omnidirectional
    • Linear arrays using omnidirectional antennas: Broadside and Endfire Array
    • Planar array using directional antennas: Array composed of 4 antennas
    • Antenna arrays:
      • Effect of a phase shift inserted in the feed of one antenna in the array (Phased Array)
      • Effect of the distance between antennas in the array