Test & Measurement Equipment Distribution

Our vast experience in those fields enables us to better understand our customer’s needs and requirements. Techno-Test , established in 1999, is a leader in test & measurement equipment distribution, infrared cameras, educational & material science technologies.


Our Experience

Our vast experience in those fields enables us to better understand our customer’s needs and requirements and propose the best solution to their various projects. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer quality service in both technical and customer aspects at competitive prices. We look forward offering you our services. The Management/Techno-Test’s team

Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently provide the first quality products and service to our customers. The founder of Techno-Test Instruments, is a former sales engineer with Omnitronix and Tektronix. We are all working toward one common goal: Total Customer Satisfaction.

Our expertise

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we developed with our customers over the past 30 years and look forward to continuing our role as a key provider of the various lines of distributed products in our fields of expertise. We constantly evaluate ways to effectively represent the interests and good reputation of our suppliers in the market place by fulfilling our mandate to our customer.

Ther­mo­graphy is the Most Flex­ible Method of Predictive Main­ten­ance

Increasing capital intensity and a growing interlinking of production chains require a steadily increasing availability. Predictive and conditions based maintenance greatly contribute to this. The right operation of the production facilities furthermore secures a high product quality, a higher production throughput and of course also the life span of the facilities themselves will be prolonged. Enterprises are more and more focused on energy usage and therefore a higher energy consumption caused by a non-optimally maintained facility is considered a serious drawback.

As people are the most important production factor work safety needs to be focussed on the most. Predictive maintenance takes care of work safety. Thermography as a method of predictive maintenance can be used for pinpointing on a wide range of faults – in electronics, in lubrication, in positioning of spindles or heat exchangers. Thereby thermography contributes a lot to the success of manufacturing companies.


We constantly evaluate ways to effectively represent the interests and good reputation of our suppliers in the market place by fulfilling our mandate to our customer.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to focus quality products on six core market, which we call the Zone:

  • Industrial Electronic and Electrical Instruments Group,
  • Radiometry / Thermography,
  • Material Science and Quality Control Group,
  • Vision Systems & Inspection Test,
  • Educational Training Equipment,
  • Power Monitoring & Data Logger.

Supplier Benefits

Techno-Test Instruments strives very hard to develop partnerships with suppliers in order to be positioned to offer customers complete solutions. We also strive to develop agreements with vendors who are leaders in their fields. These suppliers are available to the company and its customers when technical assistance is needed.



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